Luxury Bunk Beds

Make the most of your space...

Real Luxury

When we say luxury bunk beds, we mean just that.

Your comfortable, bespoke bunk beds will make the most of the space and integrate stylish storage– and your children will love their new domain.

A beautifully crafted wooden staircase can add to the look and provide more magical storage – it might even make tidying up fun.


We offer a free design and consultation service for our luxury bunk beds, which allows us to understand fully your likes and dislikes, the space in which the bed is to be situated and any other features that will make a memorable and useful room.

This allows us to craft the very best bunk beds for your children, one that both you and they will love.


Your new bunk beds will deliver on luxury but they won’t compromise on practicality.

The right design maximises the available space to incorporate clever storage solutions, smart workspaces and integrated shelving.

Whatever your requirements, we’d love to work out a design for you.

shelving mounted to wall with childrens possessions

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