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Our designers have years of experience in getting the most out of particularly awkward spaces.

A clever design uses your available space to the best effect, whatever its shape. You can magic away mess and turn dark holes into useful spaces.

Your bespoke storage solution is handcrafted in the finest quality materials and uses as much sustainable material as possible.

Problem Area To Beautiful Space

untidy desk with woman sat at chair

Office Spaces

Privacy, quiet and light are all considerations when working from home. In particular, offices can quickly become an absolute mess, it goes with the territory, but the right bespoke storage solution can drastically reduce, and maybe even eliminate, the problem.

Alcoves & Cubbyholes

These awkward holes and tricky spaces, with irregular measurements and peculiar geometries, are often just written off as ‘wasted space’. However, with the right design, they can become a beautiful feature, or even gain a whole new role.

Bespoak Furniture & Joinery can do all the measuring, design a few bespoke solutions and then build and install your choice.

custom storage with ornaments in a light blue colour
wooden staircase

Under the stairs

This often-neglected space is just begging to be magicked into a beautifully fitted cupboard in a wide variety of finishes.


This incredibly useful kitchen space is often poorly utilised, with a couple of shelves and maybe a drawer or two, if you’re lucky.

Bespoak Furniture & Joinery can do far better than that. Let us measure, design, craft and install an inspirational pantry.

spices in jars sat on shelf

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